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Li Li, who softly speak its name, can be remind of great beauty.
There used to be a lot of beautiful names of Lili, such as Lichuan, Lihuali and Xihu, each of which is melodious. Perhaps only such a beautiful name can match the Jiangnan scenery here.

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Location of Lili

Lili Ancient Town is located in the southeast of Wujiang City, east of Shanghai, north of Suzhou, south of Zhejiang Jiaxing. North-south Sujiahang Expressway and 227 Provincial Road, and east-west Shanghai-Suzhou-Zhejiang-Hebei Expressway and 318 National Road joint in the north side of the ancient town. There is also the Sutongli First Class Highway and the Taipu River passing through the town. The traffic is very convenient.

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