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Question: How much is a ticket for Lili?
Answer: The joint ticket for the scenic area is 60 yuan/person (including 5 scenic spots), 10 yuan/person for Duanben Garden, 25 yuan/person for Lili Exhibition Center, 10 yuan/person for Tin Ware Museum, 10 yuan/person for East Holly Hall and 15 yuan/person for Ancestral Hall of Zhou Gongfu.

Question: With which certificates can people enter the scenic area free of charge?
Answer: 1) Free ticket: Enter with personal valid certificate: ◇National Tour Guide Certificate (IC Card) or tour leader certificate issued by China National Tourism Administration; ◇ Certificate of Emeritus Veteran Cadres issued by the State Council and the Central Military Commission; ◇ Disability Certificate (formulated and issued by the China Disabled Persons’ Federation) and Certificate of Disabled Soldier (issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China since January 1, 2014) ; ◇A or A1 driver license of driver for group tour of the travel agency (1 driver for each group); ◇children with height below 1.2 m; 2) Enter after going through relevant procedures with personal valid certificate at reception center of the scenic area: ◇ Press card issued by Central Press Administration (latest version of press card) ; ◇ Certificate of Travel Agency Manager issued by China National Tourism Administration needs to be remarked (with business card); ◇ Any native in Lili has free ticket with ID card.

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